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Save Big This Thanksgiving Dinner
Check out these creative and effective ways to save on your grocery shopping for this year’s Thanksgiving dinner.

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, it’s time to tackle your grocery list and purchase the ingredients necessary to make a memorable meal. While this year’s shopping might feel a little daunting due to inflation affecting the price of many items at your supermarket, there are many ways to save at the register without compromising your holiday menu!  

Growing your own herbs is a smart and cost-efficient way to save money and ensure your Thanksgiving dinner is rich in flavor. “Why pay $5 for three sprigs of rosemary when you can have fresh herbs all year long?” said Jen McDonald, a certified organic gardener and co-founder of Garden Girls, a garden design firm in Houston, in a recent article published by The Washington Post. Planting a simple indoor herb garden is a long-term solution to reducing household expenses and a great way to beautify your home. 

A turkey is typically the centerpiece of a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. However, Good Morning America reports that with the increased price of turkey up 28% per pound compared to last year, many families are changing their main dish. If you’re planning an intimate dinner, prepare turkey breasts, thighs, wings, or legs instead of the entire bird. If turkey isn’t your style, try a Thanksgiving roast chicken, like this recipe from Bon Apetit chef Chris Morroco. Create your own traditions and reinvent the holiday by getting inventive in the kitchen.

When it comes to dessert, baked goods near the bakery department can be slightly overpriced. NBC Los Angeles noted that the pies in the frozen section are much more affordable and taste just as good as those near the bakery. Making these small changes will reduce your overall spending. Bonus: serving a warm dessert is much more appetizing than a room-temperature pie. 

Want to avoid long lines at the store and stay on budget? According to Tom’s Guide, shopping early for Thanksgiving dinner alleviates many families’ financial and physical stress at the grocery store. Make a thorough list, but most importantly, cook strategically. By shopping with a fixed budget, you will avoid overspending and making too much food, leaving you with an overwhelming amount of leftovers. 

If you’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner for a large group, Tom’s Guide recommends opting for a potluck-style dinner. Make a list of needed dishes and ask each person to bring one or more. This takes the pinch out of holiday spending while enjoying each other’s cooking and baking. 

As you prepare your home, kitchen, and family for Thanksgiving, plan ahead and implement some or all of these creative ways for you and your family to reduce costs without compromising your get-together. Thanksgiving is a moment for everyone to reflect and give thanks for everything and everyone around us. Do dinner your way, and do it while saving. Whether it’s planting your own herbs, opting out of cooking a whole turkey or having a potluck meal, you’re sure to save and still serve a delicious meal for your family to enjoy.

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