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Throughout Los Angeles County there are 14 Best Start communities, organized into five regions. Best Start’s Region 2 focuses and brings together residents and organizations across four different areas of South Los Angeles.

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Best Start Region 2-South Los Angeles works through these four communities to empower families and residents who live, work, and are involved in this community. Most recently, Best Start Region 2 has accomplished this by unifying community members and having them identify important policy areas for community advocacy and grantmaking, participatory community grantmaking, organizing distributions of food, and supporting families so that their children, who live and will continue to grow in South Los Angeles, have the best start they need for a successful future.

Most of the decisions made by Best Start Region 2 come from you – community leaders, parents, and residents. These people have signed up to be delegates and actively lend their voice on important community issues. Many other people have been chosen to represent each region and can provide input on important decisions, such as where funds can go based on neighborhood priorities.

Our Objective

Our collective goal is to meet and accurately assess the needs of these four regions as they arise. More specifically, our goal is to encourage, inform, and unite communities and families so they have the tools to advocate on behalf of themselves and their children. After all, the first 5 years of a child's development are the most important. These early years are crucial building blocks that impact quality of life in monumental and microscopic ways. Which is a value that our partner organization and the key foundation that funds all Best Start Regions in Los Angeles County, First 5LA, greatly appreciates.

First 5 was created in 1998 after Californian voters passed on Proposition 10. The proposition imposed a tax on tobacco products to fund children’s programs and services. From the inception, the concern with children’s well-being has been a foremost priority. As such First 5 LA has utilized 14 Best Start organizations across the 5 Regions Los Angeles County. With the specific goal, of improving the well-being of all children prenatal to five years old. Thus, giving them the support they need for a more just and equitable world.

Community partnerships – collectives of community leaders, parents, residents, and others – in each of the 14 communities have worked together to support each other and implement activities that support their vision for children and families. Today, First 5 LA is moving each Community Partnership into a regional and local network structure that is anticipated to meet the following goals

First 5 LA Goals


Community Partnerships have a structure that reflects the skills, values, and focus needed to cultivate strong collaboration among parents, residents, and organizations around a shared vision for children from pregnancy to age 5, and their families.


Community associations are positioned with the relationships, skills, and resources to drive a community change agenda that promotes policy and systems change in their communities.

Since 2018, Rising Communities [Formerly Community Health Councils, CHC] has been serving as the Region 2 Grantee to provide oversight and support across all four communities. Rising Communities is providing Capacity Building to ensure that each community is positioned to advance their individual and collective community change agendas.

Rising Communities is a policy and systems change organization with the mission to promote social justice and achieve equity in community and environmental resources to improve the health and well-being of underserved populations. Rising Communities works collaboratively with stakeholders to transform communities.

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