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Welcome to Best Start

Region 2 of South LA

Across LA County there are 14 Best Start communities organized into five regions. Welcome to the Region 2 website. Region 2 of Best Start targets and brings together residents and organizations across four different areas of South LA.

Best Start Region 2-South LA works across these four communities to empower the families and residents who live, work and are invested in this community. Most recently, Best Start Region 2 has accomplished this by unifying community members and having them identify important policy issue areas for community advocacy and grant-making, community participatory grant-making, hosting food drives, and providing families with supports so that their children, who live and will continue to grow in South LA, have the best start they need for a successful future.

Most of the decisions made by Best Start Region 2, come from you— community leaders, parents, and residents. Such individuals have signed up to be delegates and actively lend their voice on important community issues. Many other individuals have been elected to represent each region and can provide input on important decisions such as where funding can be targeted based on the neighborhood’s priorities.

Best Start's Goals

Our collective goal is to meet and accurately assess the needs of these four regions as they arise. More specifically, our goal is to uplift, inform and bring communities and families together so that they have the tools to advocate on behalf of themselves and their children. After all, the first 5 years of a child’s development are the most important. These early years are crucial foundational pieces that impact quality of life in monumental and microscopic ways. Which is a value that our partner organization, and key foundation that funds all Best Start Regions in LA County, First 5LA holds dearly.


First 5 was created in 1998 after Californian voters passed on Proposition 10. The proposition imposed a tax on tobacco products to fund children’s programs and services. From the inception, the concern with children’s well-being has been a foremost priority. As such First 5 LA has utilized 14 Best Start organizations across the 5 Regions Los Angeles County. With the specific goal, of improving the well-being of all children prenatal to five years old. Thus, giving them the support they need for a more just and equitable world.

Community partnerships – collectives of community leaders, parents, residents, and others – in each of the 14 communities have worked together to support each other and implement activities that support their vision for children and families.

Today, First 5 LA is moving each Community Partnership into a regional and local network structure that is anticipated to meet the following goals:

Goal #1:

By 2020, community partnerships have a structure that reflects the capabilities, values, and approach required to cultivate a strong collaboration between parents, residents, and organizations around a shared vision for children prenatal to age 5 and their families.

Goal #2:

By 2020, the community partnerships are positioned with the relationships, skills, and resources needed to drive a community change agenda that advances policy and systems changes in their communities.



Since 2018, Community Health Councils (CHC) has been serving as the Region 2 Grantee to provide oversight and support across all four communities. CHC is providing Capacity Building to ensure that each community is positioned to advance their individual and collective community change agendas.

CHC is a policy and systems change organization with the mission to promote social justice and achieve equity in community and environmental resources to improve the health and well-being of underserved populations. CHC works collaboratively with stakeholders to transform communities.

To learn more about the work CHC is doing in the communities, click here.

Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Statement

Best Start Region 2, a partnership funded by First 5 LA and stewarded by Community Health Councils, with leading community-based partners, Girls Club of Los Angeles, Poder Consulting Group, and Coachman Moore & Associates, is committed to advancing the practices of justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion to achieve sustainable policy and systems-change across the South Los Angeles region.

Best Start Region 2, and any associated members or leaders will embrace this commitment to justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion by welcoming all community members regardless of race, ethnicity, culture, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, ability, national origin, veteran status, social-economic class, religion or any other perceived difference. It is important for this to be a shared mutual commitment as we strive for the common goal of creating positive outcomes that benefit families and children.

Our experience demonstrates that bringing people together from various backgrounds and cultures drives solutions by leveraging different points of view. Respecting everyone’s background, culture, and life experiences are essential to collective agency and power in advancing policy and systems change.


Effective April 16, 2022

We at Community Health Councils—called CHC, for short—are pleased to be able to offer

you some direct assistance, funded through the Children’s Bureau. You might be asked to

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If you want to receive more information from us about other resources available for you,

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Important Points

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Types of Information

What Are the Sources of Personal Information?

We obtain your information if you want us to send you more information about resources available to you. That’s it.

How Do We Use the Information We Receive?

We use the information in several ways. Several important points: To provide you with information or services that you request from us.

Below we specify the type of information received and used by Onward Platform from each type of individual.

Where Does the Information Go?

We don’t sell or trade your personal information. We don’t share the personal information except for the limited purposes of replying to you. Thus, we would keep your personal information and provide it to those who help us, i.e., those who run servers that we use and email and phone SMS services.

Additional Privacy Matters under California Law

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Putting aside the question of whether or not this law applies to non-profits we have such a policy because we do not provide personal information to any third parties for their direct marketing purposes.

California also adopted a law, known as the “Online Erasure” law (at Business and Professions Code Sections 22580-22582), which requires companies that maintain certain website or online services to allow registered users who are under the age of 18 and who are also residents of California to request that the company remove content such persons have posted.

Data Security

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Privacy Notice Changes

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