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Reinvent Yourself: 5 Ways to Kick Off 2023 With a New Job
Preparation will give you the confidence to succeed in the new year.

“New year, new career” will be the mantra of many people looking for more meaningful ways to earn an income in 2023 and beyond. So what are some ways to differentiate yourself, embrace your authenticity, and establish boundaries with your future employer?

2022 Job Market in Review

In 2022, we saw new trends in human resources, staffing, and employees leaving jobs for better work conditions. Other headlines were:

  • The Great Resignation continued, leading more employees to voluntarily leave jobs and contribute to a 20-year high nationwide quit rate.
  • Candidate ghosting increased and left many employers hanging in the middle of the hiring process without explanation, emphasizing the need to select reliable applicants.
  • Job openings increased in record numbers without enough candidates to fill them, giving job seekers more leverage as employers competed to win them over.
  • Recession fears influenced many layoffs and employment budget cuts across 965 tech companies like Netflix, Twitter, Meta, and Microsoft.

2023 Job Market Opportunities and Trends

Candidates had the upper hand for most of the last year, but in 2023 the power will begin to rebalance with employers. It’s still an excellent opportunity to seek the right job without settling but with equal negotiation.

5 Ways to Prepare for Your 2023 Job Search

  • Clean up Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is the top channel employers use to recruit new talent. Take the time to clean up your profile, so it’s always up to date. An updated profile with clear job summaries, areas of expertise, and alliances are key to attracting recruiters. You’ll also want to highlight your interests, work samples and build your network to maximize opportunities. 

Free Resources for Your LinkedIn Job Search

  • Cover the critical details of your LinkedIn profile with this free checklist
  • Grab updates for job seekers by subscribing to Get Hired by LinkedIn News 
  • Join groups such as Professional Women in Healthcare or Teachers Networking Group to build connections, ask questions, and hear about new openings
  • Sharpen Your Skillset

Take advantage of free resources that will broaden your skillset. Find out what organizations in your field are looking for in 2023 and gain experience in those areas. 

Top four technical jobs projected to grow in 2023:

  • Software developers and computer and information systems managers
  • General and operations, medical, and health services managers
  • Financial managers
  • Registered nurses and nurse practitioners

Top four soft skills recruiters are looking for:

  • Critical thinking
  • Judgment and complex decision making
  • Emotional intelligence and empathy
  • Creativity

Free Resources to Grow Your Skillset:

  • Take courses in specific areas of interest with Coursera
  • Explore this list of free online courses and certifications from HubSpot
  • Look for Jobs Within Growing Industries 

Now that you’re focused on the skills you want to build upon, it’s time to think about which industries you want to work in. Many technical skills like software development can apply to sectors from healthcare to retail, so a good understanding of growing industries can benefit your search now and job security in the future.

Top five industries for 2023 job seekers, according to Forbes:

  • E-commerce
  • Cloud computing
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality 

Free Resources to Find New Jobs:

  • Explore local jobs and interview prep at America’s Job Center of California LA County 
  • Search jobs by industry on sites like ZipRecruiter and Indeed
  • Get Confident About Your Expectations

When you find a job that interests you, look closely at the job description to learn more about the organization’s culture and values. It’s also important to know if compensation and benefits are competitive for the 2023 job market. Here’s a detailed list of what to look for:

Compensation: Know the salary range you need to live comfortably. On January 1, 2023, California employers must now include a position’s salary or hourly wage on their job postings. That’s also when the minimum wage increases in California and over 20 other states.  

Benefits: Consider medical, lifestyle, and well-being benefits that support you and your family. Employers now offer creative options, with 70% planning to enhance benefit programs for 2023.

Values: An organization’s culture will shape your everyday experience, so narrow down jobs based on their likelihood to provide an environment that respects you as a person and a valuable employee. 

Location: You can often choose between an entirely remote, in-person, or hybrid work arrangement. Take note of what type of work environment you’re most effective in and where you’ll thrive in the long run.

  • Gain Experience With Alternative Income Streams

The gig economy took off in 2020 and is supposed to grow by 17% between 2022 and 2023. Now is an excellent time to build up relevant experience in the freelance market or pick up some additional light work while you take the time to find that dream job.

Explore Flexible Work Opportunities Through These Popular Platforms:

  • Rover shows you local pet care jobs that let you set your rates and schedule
  • works the same, with jobs across pet and child care, along with errands
  • Amazonhires drivers nationwide to help deliver packages in a vehicle they provide
  • Upwork gives you short-term jobs to flex your skills and grow industry relationships

Here’s to a New Year of Opportunity

You’re ready to take the best steps toward building a future you love with free resources and empowerment. The hiring process is an open conversation between you and your future employer. Recruiters are there to guide you and make a hire when it’s the best fit for everyone involved. All you need to do is remain confident in the work that makes you feel whole.

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