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Need to Know: 2020 Census

Every ten years the U.S. Census Bureau collects data about every person living in the United States. A complete and accurate count of California’s population is essential. The data collected by the Census ensures that communities get the right number of representatives in government and it is used to determine the allocation of billions of dollars in federal, state and local funding. For example, $160 billion in federal funding is disbursed to programs in the U.S. helping young children. We believe every person counts. And we believe every person should get their fair share — especially little kids.

Here are just a few reasons why your participation in the census matters:

  • When you and your kids are part of the census count, the community receives its fair share of money for important programs like Medi-Cal, WIC, Head Start, the National School Lunch Program, CHIP, and child care.
  • For every person not counted, the community loses an average of $20,000 over 10 years.
  • The number of people your state has in Congress is based on the census count.

Common Questions About the Census:

Are my answers private?

YES. By law, your response to the Census CANNOT BE SHARED with anyone outside the census. This includes ICE (immigration), police, CPS (Child Protective Services), the IRS, the FBI, your landlord, or anyone else. No one can use your census answers to reduce your benefits, evict you, deport you, fine you, or take your children.

Can I skip questions?

Complete all questions if you can. And please make sure everyone in your household is counted — every adult, child, and baby.

How can I take the census?

You have options. You can fill out the census on a computer (at home or a library), over the phone, or on paper. For help in requesting a paper census form, call 1-877-EL-CENSO.

How long does it take?

About 3–5 minutes per person being counted.

What if my child is a baby — do I list him or her on the census?

YES. Please list your baby no matter how old — even if you are still in the hospital!

I am pregnant — how should I note this?

Include yourself and a child if your due date is on or after April 1, 2020.

I have kids living with me who aren’t mine — do I list them?

YES. You should count any child who is living at your address, even if only temporarily, on April 1, 2020.

My child doesn’t live with me all the time — do I list him or her?

It depends. Whomever your child lives with most of the time should count your child. If time is split evenly, the adult who has the child on April 1, 2020 should count the child.


The 2020 Census at a Glance This document provides a quick overview of the background, timeline, and data sources for the 2020 US Census.

Why We Ask? This document provides background on why certain questions are asked on the Census questionnaire.


Los Angeles County: Everybody Counts An accurate and complete 2020 Census count is vital to Los Angeles County. Census data is used to determine funding for programs and projects ranging from early childhood education to senior nutrition. This website is a source for news and resources for L.A. County residents.

LA Countywide Census Action Kiosks Given that the census questionnaire will be predominantly online in 2020, the City and County of Los Angeles are establishing countywide Census Action Kiosks (CAKs) in an effort to bridge the digital divide. CAKs are physical locations with regular office hours open to the public. Visitors can comfortably and securely access information, fill out the 2020 Census and receive help if they need it.


NALEO Education Fund

What Is The Census? Why Is It Important? This PDF and short video explains the Census and its importance. (Spanish version)

“Leo’s Story” video explains why individuals should participate. ( Spanish version)

NALEO Educational Fund National Bilingual Hotline: 877-EL-CENSO Monday – Friday from 8:30 AM EST – 8:30 PM EST

Get-Out-The-Count Text Updates This portal allows visitors to sign up for Get-Out-The-Count text updates.

California Complete Count — Census 2020 Office

Census 2020 FAQ in English and Spanish


Count All Kids The Count All Kids Committee is a group of national, state and local children’s organizations and allies that have joined together to ensure our nation’s children are counted in the 2020 Census. Together, committee members lift up the importance of counting children in the census among the public, advocates and allies, and federal, state, and local policymakers, and identify opportunities to improve the count of children, especially young children, in 2020.

NALEO: The Invisible Ones: How Latino Children Are Left Out of Our Nation’s Census Count This report discusses issues associated with the undercount of young Hispanic children, and provides recommendations to improve the accuracy of the count in the 2020 Census.

NALEO Educational Fund’s National ¡Hágase Contar! Census 2020 Campaign The ¡Hazme Contar! Campaign, is a sub-campaign of NALEO Educational Fund’s national ¡Hágase Contar! Census 2020 Campaign with a specific focus on ensuring the full count of young Latino children across the country.


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