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Make Self-Care an Everyday Practice with 8 Free Resources
Create a self-care routine you love without spending a dime.

8 Free Resources to Make Self-Care an Everyday Practice in 2023

Self-care is for everyone. You can show up in every role when you take care of yourself. Self-care can make you a better parent, friend, neighbor, employee, and partner. So, why don’t we all have a regular practice? 

Many mental health resources like meditation applications, acupuncture, and exercise classes can be costly. Unfortunately, that financial hurdle can inhibit people who want to do right by their minds and bodies. So as the holiday bustle subsides, it’s a wonderful time to consider these eight free resources that make self-care simple and enjoyable.

Why Self-Care Matters

Some people see self-care as selfish or self-indulgent. That’s because taking time to prioritize ourselves over others can feel strange for someone who isn’t used to it. But, in reality, self-care provides the complete picture of your physical, mental, and emotional health.

Prioritizing yourself isn’t simply a nice exhale moment when life gets crazy. It’s a critical habit anyone can build as mental health challenges arise. The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) found that nearly 1 in 7 California adults experience a mental illness. In addition, California’s largest percentage of residents with serious mental illness live below the federal poverty line.

Self-care doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive to be effective. Thinking about what brings you joy or helps you slow down to relax and taking small steps to implement them in your life is the beginning of a self-care journey. Eventually, small habits can become an everyday routine.

8 Free Resources to Create a Self-Care Routine You Love

Subscribe to Self-Care Podcasts

  • Beyond the To-Do List offers weekly conversations about procrastination, productivity, reaching new goals, and living a meaningful life. Listen to educated guests who regularly share new insights across the mental health field.
  • The Rachel Hollis Podcast is a casual dialogue with the New York Times best-selling author. Learn new ways to find joy and purpose in your life as Rachel hosts candid interviews full of personal storytelling. You can count on self-care, self-empowerment, and stress resilience topics in each episode.
  • Real Pod is an authentic conversation with a relatable TED Talk speaker, Victoria Garrick. She also happens to be a mental health and body-image advocate on a mission to bring inspirational guests into the conversation and talk about the experience of navigating life’s ups and down.

Follow Self-Care Advocates on Instagram

  • @daily_affirmations breaks up the comparison or unrealistic expectations we’re used to seeing on Instagram. Instead, get your daily dose of self-care affirmations to help you pause and reflect on the positive side of any situation you’re experiencing.
  • @heyamberrae covers real topics related to mental health, feelings, well-being, and self-discovery creatively to empower and remind you that you’re never alone.
  • @the.holistic.psychologistbrings a modern twist to the mental health conversation from the lens of a psychologist through posts that teach us how to heal inner wounds.

Attend Free Self-Care Events 

  • Self-Care Saturday is your weekly free access to movement at any level, hosted by the MashUp Contemporary Dance Company in Los Angeles. Anyone can experience the benefits of centering themselves, moving, and building community.
  • Mindfulness Mediations at the LA Public Library is another amazing way to create a weekly self-care ritual with the local Los Angeles community. You can even participate from the comfort of your home as the LA Public Library hosts its zoom meditation events every second Friday of the month.

Make it Your Year of Self-Care

With the right tools, you’re ready to create a self-care routine without being burdened by financial hindrances. Use these no-cost resources to learn more about what you enjoy and what makes you feel rejuvenated to manage daily responsibilities. 

There’s never a wrong time to start something new, and your ideal self-care routine happens one habit at a time. Pretty soon, taking care of your emotional well-being will become as second nature as eating and sleeping. Transformation begins with the first step.

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