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In Demand Jobs in Southern California

While it might feel like finding a job in Los Angeles with great pay, benefits, and perks is like finding a needle in an (online) haystack, a July 2022 job report indicates that the U.S. workforce has returned to pre-COVID-19 numbers. As companies adapt and expand to a new normal prioritizing diversity and inclusion and work/life balance, hiring managers are eager to find the right candidates to fill new positions. Here are a handful of industries with an influx of job vacancies: 

Substitute Teacher: 

According to, substitute teachers are in high demand, and with an average pay of $225-$275 per day, this career path may be just right for those who enjoy spending time with children and value education. Qualifications to become a substitute teacher include having a bachelor’s degree and a substitute teaching certificate. If you already earned a college degree, you’ll only need to invest in a teaching certificate to be eligible to work for the LAUS (Los Angeles Unified School District). Substitute teaching is a good match for candidates seeking flexible schedules and/or are pursuing other degrees or passion projects. Teaching kids can also lead to other opportunities in the education sector.  

Security Officer: 

According to Zippia, with almost 3,000 open positions, Los Angeles is desperate to fill positions in security. With an average salary of over $32,000, security officers enjoy steady, dependable work. Establishments and businesses that need to secure their premises must employ reliable individuals to monitor surveillance equipment, perform building inspections, guard entry points, and verify visitors. If you are an intuitive and observant person, becoming a security officer may afford you both a stable work environment and reliable paycheck. 

Certified Nursing Assistant: 

With roughly 2,000 current positions available, there are plenty of opportunities for CNAs. This line of work requires a passion for helping and taking care of others and offers flexible hours and a tremendous sense of purpose. If you are interested in healthcare, you may consider researching the necessary steps to become a certified nursing assistant. CNAs help patients with daily activities, assist with medical procedures, and ensure that the basic needs of the patients are met. CNAs work alongside Registered Nurses or Licensed Practical Nurses. This work can lead to other opportunities in the medical field. For example, you may consider furthering your education in nursing and becoming a registered nurse.

Chefs, Restaurant Workers, Managers

Now that Los Angeles restaurants and bars are bustling with patrons again, there are a whopping 13,000 food service jobs available in the city. From servers to bartenders, hosts and hostesses, delivery people and dishwashers, this fast-paced environment will grow your bank account while feeding your soul. And with many restaurants in Los Angeles offering full benefits including dental, 401(k) matching, and employee assistance programs, the food service industry enables you to make your health, savings and self-care a priority. There are also ample opportunities for rapid growth. Waiters and waitresses often become managers, while some even become owners. If you have a knack for cooking or managing a business, you can learn how to become a chef or operate a restaurant on the job.

Gig Jobs

From ridesharing drivers, delivery people, dog walkers, and handymen, the gig economy is booming with work available to serve thousands of people who use their apps on a daily basis. Some benefits of being a gig worker include making your own schedule, meeting new people everyday, and setting salary goals for yourself. They also offer flexibility for those who have families to take care of and enable you to create multiple streams of income.

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