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Free and Low-Cost, Local and Online, Career Counseling Resources
Professional career counselors, career assessment tests, personality tests, and mentors are just some of the resources available to help you discover what career is right for your skills, interests, lifestyle, and temperament. Check out these free resources!

We spend approximately one-third of our lives working. Finding a career that supports your family and brings you happiness is what we strive for. Yet, it is challenging to land the perfect job that fulfills all of our needs, and pursuing a new opportunity can be a full-time commitment. 

While it can be time-consuming and sometimes frustrating, don’t give up on finding that perfect situation. Seeking help and resources will make the process much easier. There are plenty of free career counseling resources available to help you. Professional career counselors, career assessment tests, personality tests, and mentors are just some of the resources available to help you discover what career is right for your skills, interests, lifestyle, and temperament. 

Below are eight free career counseling resources in Los Angeles dedicated to helping you land the perfect job:

Skillup has partnered with Goodwill SoCal to connect residents of Greater Los Angeles with job training and career opportunities for the most in-demand local careers. On Skillup, you can discover the fastest-growing careers in Los Angeles while exploring trusted training and job resources for free. They also feature low-cost, short-term training programs for careers in growing industries. Many programs are in your neighborhood or can be completed online.

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Catholic Charities of Los Angeles

Catholic Charities of Los Angeles offers employment services for adults and young people in Los Angeles. Their services include career guidance, job searches, and placement support. Their program, Youth Employment Support Service focuses on young adults ages 17 to 27 seeking to gain career experiencs. 

Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center

Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center is an award-winning online resource for lifelong career exploration and planning. Users can assess their career goals and interests, plan their education, learn workplace skills, find apprenticeships and internships, conduct a job search, and much more. Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center is free and easy to access with your library card. Don’t have a library card? Sign up for one online here

JVS Socal

JVS Socal offers one-on-one services to underserved populations. Clients are paired with a nationally recognized career counselor for free assessments and career coaching sessions to identify career paths that match their skills, knowledge, and passions. Special interest areas include mentoring for women, networking for women, and those with disabilities, victims of violence, refugees, immigrants, and veterans. Fill out this application to see if you are eligible for this unique eight-week program.  

Community Career Development

Community Career Development (CCD) is a nonprofit, workforce development organization supporting over 20,000 adult and 500 youth job seekers each year, giving special priority to veterans and their families. Founded in 1972, its mission is “empowerment through employment.” The CCD provides various workforce services such as professional referrals, education and training, and career guidance and job placement. Additionally, they offer a wide range of career preparation workshops and training sessions in software applications, logistics, and security subjects.

Call (213) 365-9829 or visit their website for more information. 

Cal State LA Career Services

Take a low-cost class at a community college such as Cal State LA to enhance your skills and gain access to their career center services. Register for Cal State LA Handshake to view their robust calendar of career counseling services and contact to connect with a career advisor. 

West LA College Career Center

If you are taking classes or considering continuing your education at West LA College, be sure to drop by their Career Connections Center. The facility offers a diverse range of programs, services and resources that support career exploration, job readiness programs and employment placement for students.

Contact 310-287-4562 or email for more information.

East Los Angeles College Career Assessment

The career development process begins as soon as you enroll in a class at East Los Angeles College. Explore your interests and research a vast amount of majors and industries. The college has career counselors who will help you decide a career pathway that meets your goals.
Check out the Career Development website to learn more about the career resources at East Los Angeles College.

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