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Creative Ways to Practice Gratitude this Thanksgiving Season

November is not only about family gatherings, the change of seasons, and cozy sweater weather. It’s also National Gratitude Month, a generous thirty days to reflect on the past year and appreciate all that we have in our lives today. While reflection and gratitude are daily practices, this month reminds us to spend quality time with our loved ones, invest in our homes, and give back to others. 

Here are some ways to make memories with the people who fill your every day with joy:

Make a Gratitude Calendar

Create a gratitude calendar for your family to write down one thing that they are grateful for every day. Schedule 15 minutes (maybe right before or after dinner) for everyone to get together and share their thoughts with the family. Designate themes for each day such as:

  • Memory Lane Mondays: share a special moment that holds a place in your heart. 
  • Tough love Tuesdays – Reflect on a tough love moment that helped you grow. 
  • Wacky Wednesdays- Think of a funny or embarrassing family moment that you can now look back on now and have a good laugh. 
  • Thankful Thursdays- reflect on all the meaningful blessings that you have in your life. 
  • Family Fridays- where everyone shares one thing that they appreciate about another family member

Meditation and Mindfulness

If you and your family don’t already practice mindfulness and meditation, consider developing these habits this month. Meditation is a great way for kids to take a moment to slow down, reflect, and appreciate all that their life has to offer. Check out these kid- friendly mediations that your whole family can enjoy. 

Additionally, is a great resource to help you learn more about practicing mindfulness. Consider picking out a set time everyday to enjoy meditating with your kids. 

Practice Minimalism and Giveaway Old Toys, Clothes, and Shoes

Practicing minimalism is a great reminder to appreciate all the material things that we have and to let go of the things that no longer serve us in the way that they once did. Practicing minimalism allows us to not only let go of our possessions that we no longer need but to also give those items to others who may need them more.  Set aside some time to go through all of your old toys, shoes, clothes, and appliances. Have your kids say out loud why they are grateful for those items and how they hope these material possessions can help other people.  Check out this 30-day minimalism game.

Give Back to the Community

Consider participating in volunteering events with your whole family. Not only is volunteering a great way to serve your community this season but it also serves as a reminder to your kids to be grateful for everything that is provided to them. Check out these local volunteer opportunities.

Community Volunteer Day — Emerson Avenue Community Garden | Los Angeles, CA

On Saturday, November 5th, volunteers will help maintain and beautify Emerson Garden. Some of the day’s activities include mulching, weeding, clearing pathways, organizing, watering and more!

Good+ Community Volunteer Days

Join Good+ Community on Saturday, November 12th for a day of helping the less fortunate by preparing hygiene kits for families in need. This is a great volunteer opportunity for kids and adults ages 12 and up. 

Food Finders’ Holiday Pack and Sort

Volunteers are needed on November 19th and 20th at McBride High School in Long Beach to help pack donated food into boxes for families in need. 

Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Volunteering by DragonSprouts

Consider spending the morning of November 12th volunteering at Kenneth Hahn to help beautify the park. Volunteers will hike around the park while also picking up trash and clearing the pathway. 

Volunteer at Baby2Baby in LA – Create the Change® Around Town

On Tuesday, November 15, 2022, Baby2Baby is hosting an event where volunteers will help sort and prepare baby, toddler, and children’s essentials. 

In addition to these events, visit your local churches, food banks, schools, homeless shelters, parks, or non profit organizations to see how you and your family can volunteer your time to a special cause. 

Spend Quality Time with Family and Friends at These Local Events Happening in the Los Angeles Area

Gratitude in the Park: An LA Girl Meet Up

On November 20th, Join The LA Girl Editor-In-Chief, Erika De La Cruz  for a morning of gratitude at Will Rogers Park to reconnect with yourself and manifest your full potential with. 

Turkey Trot Los Angeles 

Celebrate Thanksgiving on November 24th at this family-friendly event in Downtown Los Angeles with 5k races, games and activities.

Ice Skating Rink in Pershing Square

Pershing Square’s Ice Skating rink is always a great time for the whole family to enjoy fun time and laughter. Your kids will love hitting the ice skating rink and enjoying some yummy hot chocolate. 

Friendsgiving Picnic in the Park

This free, outdoor friendsgiving picnic in the park is a fun way to meet new friends on Thanksgiving. Join them on November 24th in Marina Del Rey if you are looking for a new way to celebrate Thanksgiving. 

Enchanted Forest of the Light

Enchanted Forest of the Light at Descanso Gardens is an interactive, one-mile walk through beautiful light displays. Parents and kids will surely enjoy walking through this garden together. The Enchanted Forest runs from November 20th-January 8th.

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