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South LA Decides Initiative 2023

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Vote on priority issues from 4/12/23 to 5/3/23.

2023 Request For Proposals has closed.


  1. EMPLOYMENT & FAIR WAGES: Decades of job losses and low-income jobs keep South LA residents from having the opportunity and financial resources to support their families.

    • ​Example: addressing unemployment, increasing the minimum wage.

  2. EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION: Quality affordable early childhood education is critical to prepare children to be successful and productive adults. Unfortunately, children from low-income communities like South LA continue to suffer from lack of quality and accessible educational opportunities.

    • ​Examples: increasing preschool access, advocating for more resources in our schools.

  3. FOOD INSECURITY: Many residents of South LA have to travel beyond their communities to access fresh fruits and vegetables, and struggle to maintain a healthy diet for their families, impacting their overall health.

    • Examples: increasing access to affordable and healthy food, as well as opportunities to create local food economies


This funding will support the planning and implementation of projects focused on identifying and taking strategic actions to create policy solutions and/or improve systems of services around Employment & Fair Wages, Early Childhood Education, and Food Insecurity to improve the lives of children prenatal - 5 and their families.

Project examples:

  • Creating new agreements and processes between local clinics to provide enhanced services to pregnant mothers.

  • Working with City Council to create policies that use existing resources (vacant homes, motels, etc.) to provide housing for homeless families.

  • Working with school districts to ensure every child receives school lunch regardless of ability to pay.

  • Working with City Council to pass policies that reduce the unemployment rate for young men 18-30yo.

  • Working with telecommunication providers to make Internet connectivity more affordable or free for families.

  •  Bringing together multiple local health programs to improve and align their services helping them to create a system that provides better maternity care.

  •  Working with local restaurants to offer healthier, yet affordable food on their menus.


To be eligible for a grant under this Request for Proposals, applicants for both award categories must meet the following criteria:

  1. Applicant must be a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Organizations that are fiscally sponsored by a 501(c)(3) are eligible. Coalitions are eligible as long as the lead applicant organization meets all other eligibility criteria.

    • Organizations classified as private foundations under Section 509(a) are not eligible.

    •  Government agencies are not eligible.

    •  Universities or academic institutions are not eligible to be the lead applicant; however, they may serve as a coalition partner to the lead applicant. Must have previously conducted worked with one or more of the Best Start Region 2 communities (called Local Councils, formerly known as Community Partnerships).

  2. Must have previously conducted worked with one or more of the Best Start Region 2 communities (called Local Councils, formerly known as Community Partnerships).
  3. Must reside or be headquartered within the Region 2 geographic area.

Applicants must have staff available to work on this project who are based in LA County. The proposed effort must take place within one or more of the 4 Best Start Region 2 geographies. Failure to meet all eligibility criteria will render a proposal ineligible.

Questions and requests for additional information should be submitted in writing to Ada Mbogu, Senior Manager of Strategic Initiatives at no later than Wednesday, March 10, 2021 by 5:00pm.